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Water Drops

Green Venue for the Green Couple

Illuminations prides itself on being friendly to our earth, our water and creating a smaller environmental footprint.  Our goal is to create your special day and meet your needs while also creating sustainability for future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

Illuminations values our renewable energy sources and all of our venues power comes from solar and wind.  Our panels and wind turbines are not visible from the venue but they offer all the power you need.  Illuminations also has over 100 solar powered lights to illuminate the pathways, bar lights and more!

Water Conservation

Illuminations understands the importance of water for our everyday living and conserving this precious resource is so important. Currently, Illuminations offers 5 portalets with 2 water saving hand washing stations.  We are currently working on a design for a future water saving restroom that the gray water will be stored to water our trees and natural vegetation.  

Water Purification Treatment
Recycling Bottles


Illuminations understands the effect that recycling has on our environment and the new possibilities that we can create when we recycle instead of throwing away.  We will offer recycling bins for plastics, glass and aluminum.  


Future work at Illuminations will include the option for the couple to have separate compost bins for composting materials.  The finished compost will be used in the Illuminations Greenhouse for flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs.

Organic Compost
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